YF132B-III computer flat knitting machine

YF132B-III computer flat knitting machine is mainly applied in weaving woolen sweaters, DK jacquard and other accessories. It owns one set comb device and two scissors clip. It uses effective moment motor to subdivision control. That reasonable bottom started position, perfect comb device are used in conjunction with scissors clip will improve fabric’s quality, reduce product cost.  

System configuartion


针距 Gauge 


      5G  6G  7G  9G  10G  12G  13G  14G  15G 

编织幅度 Knitting Width


45inches(YF114B-III)   52inches(YF132B-III)

罗拉  Rolla


With( )        Without无(·

卷布罗拉Take down cloth roller


With(·)    Without( )

系统 Syste


Single carriage with triple system

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