YF132A-I computer flat knitting machine

YF132A-I computer flat knitting machine is mainly applied in weaving woolen sweaters, DK jacquard and other accessories. It owns single machine carriage and single triangle system, which has a group of none weave, hang item, knitting and turn needle’s triangle system.

System configuartion


针距 Gauge 


5G  6G  7G  9G  10G  12G  13G  14G  15G  16G

编织幅度 Knitting Width


52inches(YF132A-I)   60inches(YF152A-I)

罗拉  Rolla


With(·)        Without( )

卷布罗拉Take down cloth roller


With(·)    Without( )

系统 System

Single carriage with Single system

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